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What We Do


NATCANSAT is a team of skilled professionals working within the NHS, delivering innovative analysis to support the improvement and effective delivery of healthcare.

As the creator and custodian of the National Radiotherapy Dataset and authorised interrogator of patient Hospital Episodes Statistics we are a much respected provider of business and clinical information.

Our rich heritage of data, analytical thinking, bespoke, in-house IT solutions and clinical experience ensures that we can address the information needs of the healthcare community.


To provide intelligence to support the improvement of healthcare. Informing through the provision of responsive, high quality, intelligent information and analysis.

Using bespoke IT solutions and through clinical interpretation our work supports the development and delivery of efficient and effective services.

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Clients include:

  • NHS England
  • NHS Improving Quality
  • Public Health England
  • NHS Scotland
  • NHS Specialised Commissioning
  • Clinical Commissioning Group, CCGs
  • Clinical Reference Group, CRGs
  • NHS Trusts
  • Strategic Clinical Networks & Senates
  • Healthcare charities
  • Professional Colleges
  • Academic institutions

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