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Data Science

Through expert manipulation and data analysis, NATCANSAT supports clients to deliver the best impact on healthcare outcomes through informed, intelligence based service development and delivery.

About Data Science

Data Science is the application of analytical and computing skills using large quantities of data to address exciting business and social opportunities.

As well as managing large datasets, NATCANSAT also manipulate, link and analyse the data in order to present the information in interesting, innovative and ultimately useful ways. This enables us to make the data work for our clients and answer their needs.

In many cases, clients have an interest in a particular area but are not exactly sure of what data is available and what information could be used to answer their queries.

By working closely and interactively with clients, our analysts are able to help formulate the questions and then provide the information to answer them.




The HES and Radiotherapy sections contain examples of NATCANSAT's work in the field of data science. Please use the menu on the left to read more.


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