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HES Cancer


NATCANSAT have provided analysis of cancer data on a trust, health authority, regional and national level since it was founded in 1996.

We hold Section 251 approval for cancer data which allows us to hold patient identifier data. Our approval can be viewed at: CAG advice and approval decisions with the reference CAG 1-06(FT2)/2013

A Few examples of our work in the cancer field include:

GMCCN Dashboard

  • A dashboard of cancer information for Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cancer Network

Analysis of changing work practice for NHS Improvement

Working with the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Working with the National Cancer Peer Review Programme

  • Evidence Guide for Gynaecology Specialist MDT.
  • Evidence Guide for Stand Alone Liver Resection MDT.
  • Evidence Guide for Breast MDT.
  • Evidence Guide Colorectal Clinical Lines of Enquiry.
  • Evidence Guide Upper Gastro-Intestinal Clinical Lines of Enquiry.

Working with the North West Strategic Health Authority

Monthly Reports

  • Monthly reports for the National Cancer Director and the National Cancer Action Team on current practices such as LAPCO and monthly cancer episodes analysis.


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