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HES Cardiovascular


NATCANSAT have provided analysis of cardiovascular data at a national level since 2003.

We hold Section 251 approval for cardiovascular data which allows us to hold patient identifier data.
Our approval can be viewed at: CAG advice and approval decisions with the reference PIAG 4-09(g)/2003

Examples of our work in the cardiovascular field include:


Non Elective Pathways for Cardiac Procedures

  • In this piece of work with NHS Improvement which helped inform the National CVD Strategy in March 2013 (Improving cardiovascular disease outcomes: strategy), we extended the HES analysis from spells into pathways. This was done by tracking patients across different healthcare providers to build up a picture of their entire stay, not just in one trust.


  • Heart Failure Spells
  • Stroke Spells

Cardiac Rehabilitation


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