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IT Solutions

NATCANSAT provide novel and innovative IT solutions which support effective data collection, allowing rapid user-friendly access to reliable data necessary to foster information exchange and increase knowledge amongst users.


NATCANSAT have a rich heritage of combining clinical knowledge and programming expertise to provide solutions to address the information needs of the healthcare community.

In addition to the extensive support given to enable our Data Science, Radiotherapy and GIS & Mapping work, we have created a range of bespoke web and Windows based applications for data collection and data transformation projects for a range of clients.

Many of the applications we have developed incorporate complex database foundations, in many of these cases we have also included a web based reporting suite to help the client consume the resulting data more easily.

NATCANSAT use the most current Microsoft framework tools to provide .NET web application and smart-client database programming. The team have years of application development experience and know how to work effectively with relational database designs using custom grid controls, stored procedures, database triggers, and other performance enhancing techniques.


  • Data transfer/transformation toolkits
  • Specialised applications for mobile, tablet and PC
  • Complex databases
  • Web design
  • Custom made surveys


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