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National Seven Day Services Self-Assessment Tool


A national self-assessment tool has been developed to allow organisations to baseline provision of seven day services.

The tool will enable you to self assess current level of service provision, using nationally agreed definitions, and help you to understand your local needs and requirements to deliver extended services.


To register to access the tool please go to:

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The tool will enable you to self-assess:

  • Your organisation(s) against the National Clinical Standards for Seven Day Services
    Clinical Standards
    Planning Guidance
  • Your current provision of services - and current plans for expanding services in the future
  • How are the views of patients and the public used in the design of services - and how could these be used in the future?
  • What barriers and drivers are there in achieving extended services around areas such as workforce and finance?
  • What benefits has your organisation seen or would like to see as a result of extending services?


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