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A graphical user interface designed to make key information palpable to decision makers, allowing them to monitor performance and examine any inconsistencies.

Easy-to-read, visual presentation of key measures

Digital dashboards can be designed to run as stand-alone or web-browser based applications. They allow decision makers to monitor summary data for an organisation or a particular activity, gauging performance by reporting on specific data points known as key performance indicators (KPIs).

They provide at-a-glance views of these measures; highlighting trends, comparisons, exceptions, and giving a clear sign to the user when something is right or wrong. Feedback is provided using a range of data visualisation tools (e.g. gauges, charts, maps and indicators) combined with user interface "widgets" (e.g. category pickers and range sliders).

Multiple sources of data can be combined to form a comprehensive operational intelligence solution, with a dashboard showing the big picture and also acting as a "portal" from which to drill down into more detailed outputs. Finer granularity of data is often buried deep within a dataset and would otherwise be less accessible to decision makers.

The Radiotherapy Quality Measures Dashboard is an example of a web-browser based dashboard created by NATCANSAT, working in collaboration with the Radiotherapy Service managers and the Clinical Reference Group.

Dashboard example

Benefits of using dashboards

  • View key measures instantly
  • Provide assurance and visibility of activity and performance
  • Identify and correct negative trends
  • Identify data outliers and correlations
  • Drill-down to detailed reports
  • Make informed decisions based on collected intelligence
  • Align strategies and organisational goals
  • Save time spent on running multiple reports


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