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Enhanced Recovery Toolkit


The Enhanced Recovery National Online Audit Toolkit provides hospital sites with a local audit tool allowing them to enter their data anonymously for each patient on the ER pathway.

NATCANSAT developed the toolkit after producing a specification in collaboration with the Enhanced Recovery Programme Board. The first records were entered onto the toolkit in 2009, since then the toolkit has been maintained and developed in line with the Enhanced Recovery Programme.


Once the data is entered in to the toolkit the local sites can then view analysis via our online reports of benchmark metrics such as length of stay, day of surgery admission rates, compliance with nineteen elements of enhanced recovery and readmission rates for procedures. In some localities the ER toolkit has been used to monitor CQUINs.

Data entry in to the toolkit can be on a record by record basis via the user friendly web interface or via a data upload facility which provides sites with the option to upload all data as a batch CSV file.

Read more about Enhanced Recovery on the NHS Improvement website.

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