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RTDS Submissions


Submission Calendar

RTDS Submission Calendar 2014-2016

Submission Portal

NHS Trusts providing radiotherapy in the UK may use the RTDS Submission Portal to submit their monthly data.

To return the RTDS using a secure method, users can upload their data to the portal on the N3.NHS connection as an AES256 encrypted file. If your local security policy or Caldicott Guardian requests a different method of transfer please contact the RTDS team.



The ROCR team are keen to receive feedback on central data collections from the colleagues who complete/submit returns. In particular, around the length of time data collections take to complete and any issues, suggested improvements or duplication of data collections. Feedback can be submitted to ROCR using an online form which can be found here:

Data_Collection_Feedback_form.xls (


(N3 connection required)