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RTDS Extraction Toolkits


Central to the success of the National Radiotherapy Dataset, we have since 2009 developed and maintained a succession of software toolkits that have been distributed to radiotherapy centres across the UK. Although there are now only two in use, there have been a total of five Oncology Management Systems used by Trusts over this period that have all been supported.

Each toolkit takes an agreed extract of OMS data, merges it with patient demographic data and manipulates it into the required currencies to enable national benchmarking, inter-Trust comparison of radiotherapy activity together with a wealth of locally valuable performance data.

Terms and Conditions for use of the NATCANSAT RTDS Toolkit

RTDS Terms and Conditions.doc

New Toolkits

Fundamental changes have been made to the RTDS extraction toolkits to improve data security and to conform to NHS Trust Data Protection Policy.

Storing patient identifiable data on the C: drive of your PC contravenes good practice. With the standard installation, the RTDS extraction toolkits are Installed on the C: drive. However there is an option to store data files and /or the toolkit itself in a different, secure location of your choice. The user instructions for the specific toolkit provide further details.

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